What Unified Communication can mean for you?

Unified Communications is as much a concept as it is a specific “thing.” It is not, in general, a fixed, singularly definable technology, although some vendors now offer proprietary platforms that work to create Unified Communications. It is easiest to understand Unified Communication in terms of its goal, which is to break down the barriers... Continue Reading →

a vendors prescription for hipaa security and compliance

A Vendors Prescription for HIPAA Security and ComplianceWhether you work in a multi-hospital healthcare system or a private dentist's office, protecting personal health information (PHI) is essential. HIPAA's rules and requirements are clear — no matter what, PHI must be kept completely confidential.This has become increasingly important as more and more health care providers (or... Continue Reading →

10 ways micloud connect makes your job easier

MiCloud Connect: The Unified Communications Solution That Makes Your Job EasierIn today's remote and hybrid working world, collaboration is an ever-growing challenge, as the number of emails, conferences, messages and documents rises. Plus, it's a constant struggle to hold the thread of the conversation, especially as you move from desktop to mobile communications. Why must... Continue Reading →

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